Chicken Wormer (Flubendazole 50mg/g)


Flubendazole is a chicken wormer that is used in laying hens to treat chicken-worms; including Chicken-roundworm, Chicken-tapeworm, and chicken-gape-worms. Flubendazole in chicken-wormer and Flubenol have broad-spectrum activity against poultry-worms.

Flubendazole Poultry Wormer 

Flubenol poultry  is effective against tapeworm, large roundworm, caecal worm, hairworm, and gizzard worm in chickens, turkeys, and geese. Activity includes adult worms, larvae and eggs.

Dosage & Administration Chicken Wormer
Medicated feed should be fed for 7 consecutive days. 

Withdrawal Period
There is no withholding period for chickens producing eggs for human consumption when the product is used as recommended.
Chicken eggs: Zero withholding days for eggs.

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Please seek veterianary advice before using this product


Add 1 level blue spoon of wormer powder to 500g food and mix well.
Repeat daily for 7 days.
Zero withholding for eggs for human consumption.

Ideally also mix in 10 ml of avian omega oils into the feed, for uniform adherence and distribution of the wormer.

Chicken wormer – Flubenol – Flubendazole

Flubendazole is a chicken wormer that is used in egg-laying poultry and laying hens including backyard chickens, to treat chicken worms. The chicken worming spectrum includes: Chicken-roundworm, Chicken-tapeworm, and chicken-gape-worms. Flubendazole the active ingredient in chicken-wormer and Flubenol has a broad-spectrum activity against different poultry-worms.

The Chicken wormer with Flubendazole has NO withdrawal period. The chicken-wormer has NO withholding period for eggs. Compared to other chicken-dewormers like Moxidectin, Ivomectin, Moxivet, Moxivet-plus and Avitrol-Plus that HAVE withholding periods for eggs!

Chicken dewormers like Moxidectin, Ivomectin, Moxivet, Moxivet-plus and Avitrol-Plus are not registered for use in egg-laying hens or Backyard chickens. The chook-wormer flubenol is a perfect alternative with a great spectrum against important chicken worms.

No withdrawal periods with Flubendazole in egg layers. – Eggs can be eaten while on the chicken-worming medication. This is the advice from chicken veterinarians and Poultry vets.

Flubendazole is safe for egg-laying hens when used according to our recommended guidelines, The chicken wormer is even safe at significant overdoses ie 3 X the recommended dose. A chicken-veterinarian can assess the specific needs of your chickens after doing worm counts, or purchase the product online from Ie  Chicken wormer-Flubendazole

If you are considering using Flubenol or the chicken wormer note that it is registered in Australia for use in egg-laying birds.

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