Bird Wellness Program

Want to save on your vet bills?  Want discounts?  Want the best possible chance of preventing your pets from developing serious illness by catching an illness early?  We have an amazing program that is saving birds lives everyday.  Birds are expert at hiding illness, so having an annual plan that includes items that should be part of your routine care for your bird could just save your bird's life.  Click the link below for more details:


Cat / Dog Wellness Program

Pets don't use words.  Owners frequently miss the early signs of illness because their animal is excellent at hiding symptoms.  Preventative care is an integral part of keeping your pet healthy.  This isn't pet insurance, but it's a fantastic way of saving on your vet bills while still getting the best possible service.  Our wellness programs covers items that you should have as part of your pet's health plan each year.  Everyone loves discounts.  Follow the links below to learn more: