Exzolt – Red Mites Be-gone


The chicken vet recommends Exzolt to treat poultry red mite infections as it is the best Red mite treatment currently available.

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Exzolt 10mg/ml solution for use in drinking water.

The Burwood-based-Melbourne Chicken veterinarians, now stock Exzolt. Exzolt is a newer red mite treatment, and scaly leg mite treatment that is registered for chickens. Chickens can be medicated through drinking water. Exzolt is an easy solution for controlling red mites in Australasian Chickens.

Exzolt Poultry Red Mite Treatment

Scaly-leg mites and Red mites are common parasites of chickens. Without Exzolt therapy red mites and scaly leg mites cause debilitation in chickens. The poor quality of life associated with poultry Red Mite and scaly leg mite infestations in chickens is significant. Exzolt is an effective treatment for our laying hens.

Environmental therapy used to treat red mites is like travelling to Africa by boat, Vs Exzolt which is like flying to Africa by plane.

Exzolt is a single therapy and is less expensive and time-consuming than multiple environmental treatments.

Moxidectin and other topical therapies are off-label chicken products that have been used despite the withholding periods for egg-laying birds.

The new elixir of red mite treatment, Exzolt is now available from The Chicken Vet

The chicken vets now have Exzolt to add to the arsenal of poultry red- mite, and chicken scaly leg mite treatments. Exzolt is 99% effective after two oral doses.

Exzolt has it has Zero withholding periods for eggs.

After the two doses of Exzolt, one can expect a 99% decrease in mite populations. Exzolt is dosed twice,  seven days apart.

Why use Exzolt?

Exzolt is simple to use. Effective and inexpensive to treat chicken red mites and Poultry leg mites.

Administering Exzolt to individual chickens

Exzolt is easy to administer to individual birds – and the low volumes used make it safe and easy to dose to individual birds. The Chicken-vet recommends individual dosing into the beak of Exzolt to backyard birds to ensure accurate dosing. As the volumes are low,  Exzolt can also be added to a  favourite food item and fed individually to each bird

Exzolt Dosing in the Drinking Water

Adding Exzolt to the birds’ drinking water is also effective.

How many chickens can I treat with 10 millilitres of Exzolt?

Without wastage 10 ml can treat 200kg of birds, about 100 egg-laying hens. Exzolt is of great value in treating individual chickens for red mites and scaly leg mites working out to less than 50 cents per chicken.


Exzolt Red Mite Treatment – Cost and safety

At about 50 cents per bird for the recommended two Exzolt treatments. Exzolt is relatively cheap. Exzolt is one of the best value treatments for red mites and scaly leg-mites in egg-laying chickens.

Exzolt has been found safe when used at five times the recommended dosing with no side effects. It also has some activity against worms and larvae.

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