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Moxivet PLUS Wormer (Moxidectin with Praziquantel)


Moxidectin PLUS bird wormer (moxidectin 1mg/mL and Praziquantel 18mg/mL) is an effective broad-spectrum wormer for birds.

Many avian vets recommend Moxidectin or Moxivet 1mg/ml at a dose of 10 ml to 1L of water –left in water -for 24 hours. This is a palatable water-soluble liquid that in addition to worming the birds also kills external parasites that feed off blood.

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Active ingredient moxidectin 1mg/mL and Praziquantel 18mg/mL

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Moxidectin Plus

Bird Vet – Moxidectin Plus is a water soluble, palatable wormer, that can be added to the drinking water or dose orally. Moxidectin treats worm parasites in .Pigeons, parrots, chickens and other cage birds. . Moxidectin is also effective against external parasites that feed off body fluids, like pigeon louse flies and scaly mites. Moxidectin also treats air sac mites. Bird-Vet Moxidectin has a wide safety margin in Pigeons and is safe to use during racing and breeding. Pigeon-Moxidectin does not effect feather quality and is safe to use during moulting too.

Dilute Pigeon Moxidectin plus at 10 ml to 1 litre of drinking water and make available to the birds for 24 hours

The solution should be made fresh prior to use. Do Not use on hot days.

Active Constituent: Moxidectin 1 mg/ml and Praziquantel

Moxidectin for Birds:

Benefits for using Moxidectin Plus

Moxidectin is a Comprehensive Parasite Control: Moxidectin is renowned for its ability to combat a variety of parasites that can afflict birds. This includes internal worm and external parasites like mites and lice.

One of the standout features of Moxidectin is its long duration of action. It kills larval stages of worms.

Easy Administration: Moxidectin is available to add to the drinking water ot moxivet can be dosed to individual birds. Choose the route that suits your bird’s needs and your comfort level with administration.

Improved Bird Health: By eliminating or preventing parasitic infestations, Moxidectin may helps boost your bird’s overall health and well-being. Healthy birds are happier, more active, and live longer.

Common Uses of Moxidectin for Birds:

Treatment of Avian Scaly Face and Scaly Leg Mites in backyard hens. Moxidectin is so effective against these common and bothersome mites that can cause severe discomfort and disfigurement in birds specifically after long periods of mite infestations.

Worm Control: Moxidectin is a go-to choice for eliminating internal worms, including roundworms, tapeworms, and more, ensuring your bird’s digestive system stays healthy.

Preventative Measures: Regular use of Moxidectin can prevent parasitic infestations, reducing the risk of illness and minimising the need for reactive treatments.

Active Constituent: Moxidectin 1 mg/ml

Moxidectin Plus: Worming Medication for Birds.

What is Moxidectin-plus ?

This is a common pigeon wormmer medication that is used to get rid of worms parasites and a range of other parasites including mites, pigeon louse and tapeworm. Moxidectin Plus is a combination medication that combines Moxidectin and Praziquantel. It is recommended by avian veterinarians. Is effective as a chicken wormer and a parrot wormer. Treats mites in budgies and air sac mite in finches also effective against gape-worm.

Who should use Moxidectin?

Any pet owner that has or suspects parasites in their flock. Ideally get the dropping tested first.

Is Moxidectin safe for birds?

Moxidectin Plus is safe (do not use on very hot days Over 25 degrees)

How is Moxidectin used in birds?

Added to the drinking water 10 ml per liter for 24 hours – (or can be dosed directly into the bird)

Pigeon wormer -10 ml per litre drinking water for 24 hours (Dr Colin walkers Dose)

Parrot wormer -10 ml per Litre drinking water for 24 hours

Chicken wormer and for treatment of scaly leg mite in chickens 1ml per Kg body weight

Moxidectin Plus: Worming Medication for Chickens and Pet Birds

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