Levam Hen Wormer 250 ml


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Levam Hen wormer is safe for use in egg-laying chickens with NO WITHHOLDING period.

Levamisole the active ingredient  is effective against sensitive strains of the following parasites;

– Large Roundworms (Ascaridia galli)
– Caecal Worm (Heterakis gallinae)
– Hairworm (Capillaria spp.)

Poultry Worming Treatments

This Poultry deworming product contains Levamisole. which is a deworming drug that is effective against worms which are common worm parasites that can affect the health and productivity of chickens.

Levamisole is the active ingredient of the backyard chicken wormer and is administered orally, or into the drinking water.

Do NOT use it on super hot days. as they may drink too much of the medicated poultry wormer in the water.

Some benefits of using Levam Hem wormer include improved feed efficiency, increased egg production, and improved overall health and well-being of the chickens. It is recommended to follow the recommended dosing guidelines and to consult with a chicken veterinarian before administering levamisole to chickens.

Intestinal worms are in backyard chickens and can spread quickly among the flock. Pet-shop.au has a range of chicken worming treatments that can simply be added to the drinking water or directly into the beak.

Symptoms of worm infestation include pale egg yolks and runny, smelly droppings. You can sometimes see tiny white worm larvae in droppings if they have become infected.

Ideally, get the chicken’s poo tested to see if worms are a problem. A regular hen worming schedule with chicken worming treatments from a trusted source like the Melbourne Chicken vet Levam is ideal. . Also avoid contamination of the food with poo as that and insects are a source of contamination.


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