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Bird First Aid Kit


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Parrot First Aid Kit-Keep Your Feathered Friend Safe!

Welcome to our Parrot-shop, Your one-stop shop for your parrot’s health needs. Now also with a parrot First-aid kit.

Ensure Your Parrot’s Well-being with Our Avian-Vet recommended bird First Aid Kit.

Parrot First Aid Kit is an important “Companion” for Your Feathered Friend.”

The bird-first-aid kit is compact and designed for common parrot emergencies.

The parrot emergency kit is durable and compact for easy storage.

The avian-first-aid-kit adds “Peace of mind” for parrot owners.

Why Choose the Avian first-Aid Kit Section

  • Expertly curated for parrot-specific emergencies.
  • Input from parrot owners.
  • Compact and portable for home or travel.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions included.
  • Products are avian-veterinary endorsed.

Click here for bird emergency veterinary  information 

Dealing With Common Bird Emergencies

Item List:
1 x Hard Case
1 x Styptic Powder
1 x First Aid Leaflet
1 x Styptic Applicator
1 x Non Stick Dressing
1 x Nail Clippers
1 x 5cm Self Adhesive Wrap
2 x Sticking Plaster
2 x Alchol Swab
1 x Bandage Scissors
1 x Iodine Swab
1 x Poly Aid 40g
1 x Hypoallergenic Tape
1 x Haemostat
1 x Saline Flush
5 x Cotton Balls
1 x Sterile Gauze
1 x Splint Set
3 x Gloves (S, M, L)
1 x Vet Contact Card
1 x Disposable Heat Pad
1 x Vet Situations Magnet

Every bird owner should have their own veterinary-endorsed bird first aid kit. Our first aid kit has been tailor-made by the experienced team at Bird Vet Melbourne in Burwood Victoria. The items in this kit are designed to assist you in helping your pet bird in an emergency while you get to a qualified avian vet, these are not to replace veterinary care.

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