Cat Wellness Program Terms and Conditions


The feline wellness program is aimed to educate owners about their animal’s health and wellness
with the hope they live a resulting longer, healthier and happier life. The subscription promotes
veterinary services and products for the benefit of its members. The program sources related
discounts for the benefit of its subscribers. It is not a pet insurance service.
The subscription is limited to goods and services provided by Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital and
excludes goods and services from organisations not operated by Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital.
Each subscription is restricted to one animal and is not transferrable to another animal. A person
may have multiple subscriptions if they own more than one animal and choose to subscribe for
multiple individual animals.
Subscription fees are set by Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital and are payable by direct debit
authority from the subscriber’s nominated bank account or credit card.
OpenPay, VetPay or other similar credit services may not be used to pay subscription fees.
On 1 July of each year, the yearly subscription amount will be reviewed. You will be advised of any
increase in subscription, which will take effect from the anniversary date of your subscription.
128 Highbury Rd, Burwood, VIC 3125
(03) 9808 9011
Dr Philip Sacks & Associates
ABN: 43 007 381 099

Each subscription will be for a period of 12 months, including a 3 month cooling off period.
Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital will send a renewal reminder before automatically renewing the
subscription on your anniversary date for a further 12 months. It is the subscriber’s responsibility
to ensure any change of contact details is communicated to Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital.
A dishonour fee of $10 is payable in the event that a direct debit instalment is dishonoured by your
bank which is payable at the next direct debit drawing.
Subscription fees must be paid in full at the start of a 12 month period before any benefits can be
A subscription can be terminated before the end of 12 months by Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital
if a client breaches the clinic’s code of conduct policies which include but are not limited to
behaving in an abusive manner towards the clinic’s staff and/or other clientele, repeated short
notice cancellations or no-shows for scheduled appointments.
A subscriber may choose to pre-emptively end a subscription before the end of a 12 month period
during the 3 month cooling off period, or at the death of their pet.
If a subscription is terminated before the end of 12 month period, a refund of the subscription fee
will only be given for any amount that excludes the full retail value of any subscription benefits
already redeemed within the relevant 12 month period.
Included “free consultations” are limited to normal veterinary consultations that do not exceed 30
minutes duration, conducted by either a registered veterinarian or veterinary nurse employed by
Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital. These exclude behavioural, AQIS and contracted specialist
consultations. Any additional fees resulting from the consultation (such as further diagnostic
testing, medications and surcharges) are the responsibility of the owner on the day of the exam. If
a client gives less than 24 hrs cancellation notice or fails to show up for a booked appointment, this
will count as one of their 4 consults.
Subscription benefits may not be used in conjunction with other offers/promotions offered by
Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital. When this issue arrises, whichever discount/offer is more
beneficial to the client shall be applied.
A feline wellness program subscription entitles the subscriber to receive the following annual
-a wellness blood screen or pre-anaesthetic blood screen including T4
-a wellness faecal analysis
-a urine analysis
-a standard F3 or F4 annual vaccination as recommended by a Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital
veterinarian. Excludes export vaccinations.
-Up to 4 standard consultations in a 12 month period.
– a microchip implant and CAR registration (if the animal does not already have one).
-10% discount off any other goods/services sold or provided by Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital
within the 12 month period.
Benefits not used within a 12 month period do not roll over to the subsequent 12 month period.
Subscription benefits will be reviewed 1 July each year and may be changed at the discretion of
Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital. Subscribers will be notified if affected.