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Delicate Care – Canine – Puppy 3kg


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Delicate Care™ Puppy Food has been especially formulated by leading Australian Food Technologists and Nutritionists, using premium Australian ingredients combined with the most up-to-date nutritional knowledge. Delicate Care™ Puppy Food is scientifically formulated as a complete and balanced puppy food for all breeds to deliver peak nutritional benefits for optimum growth.

Delicate Care™ Puppy Food is the perfect choice to give puppies a good head start in life, balancing nutrition, energy and calcium levels. It is our aim that your puppy grows at a steady rate, with complete and balanced muscular and skeletal development.

The higher caloric density and natural nutrition provided through Delicate Care™ Puppy Food also makes it the perfect choice for pregnant and nursing females. This formula provides natural, complete and balanced nutrition to support the delicate stages of motherhood from conception to lactation.

Available in 3kg & 15kg

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Weight3.1 kg
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