Moxivet Wormer 125ml


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Active ingredient moxidectin 1g/L

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MoxiVet wormer is an effective wormer for birds.

MoxiVet contains Moxidectin that also controls some external parasites like Scaly leg mites in poultry and Scaly face mite of Budgerigars.

Moxidectin treats poultry worms like Roundworm, Pinworm, Hairworm, Gizzard Worm, Air Sac Mites, and Scaly Face/Leg Mites.

Moxidectin is NOT registered for use in egg-laying hens.

Moxidectin in chickens can be dosed in drinking water or orally or even onto the skin. Moxidectin is often used off-label.

Many avian vets recommend Moxidectin or Moxivet 1mg/ml at a dose of 10 ml to 1L of water –left in water -for 24 hours. This is a palatable water-soluble liquid that in addition to worming the birds also kills external parasites that feed off blood.

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